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Meet the go-to designers for a host of glamorous famous faces. Michelle Daniels and Shelley Greenham are leading Make-Up Artists in the TV, film and celebrity industry.

A vast array of actresses and celebrities have benefitted from the skill and creativity of these two wonderful Artists.

Michelle and Shelley’s inside knowledge of celebrity makeup secrets have influenced the creation of their own make up range, giving every woman the opportunity to look and feel glamorous, gorgeous and sexy. 

They know that good quality make-up, applied well, can make you look sensational leaving you feeling empowered and confident.

And they also share the belief that beauty does not have to be complicated.

During their combined experience of over 40 years as make-up artists, the duo tried and tested hundreds of products on thousands of women (and a several men!) No-one knows better what works and the secrets of enhancing beauty.

That is why Michelle and Shelley have spent years creating the Mishel brand, which delivers a quality make-up range honed down to easy-to-make choices in colour and style.

Each Mishel product has been thoughtfully designed to be easy to apply and feel luxurious on your skin as well as being fragrance free and so can be applied on sensitive skins too. Importantly, Mishel delivers longevity - put it on in the morning and it will last all day long and into the night.